PEEPS @ RAM — 12th Annual Exhibit

PEEPS @ RAM — 12th Annual Exhibit

It’s pop culture at it’s best.  Bright gooey marshmallow springtime edibles.  (Well that is debatable!). Each year the Racine Art Museum (RAM) encourages artists, families, kids–EVERYONE–to get creative with and about PEEPS and enter in their annual show.  Now mind you, RAM has the most extensive collection of American Craft (works in paper, fiber, glass, clay) in the NATION.  They are the real deal when it comes to the understanding, advocacy and preservation of an incredible body of work of artisans. We are so lucky they are literally 4 blocks away.  Why Racine?  You’ll have to come find out!

So why PEEPS?  Because they are fun & bright (we need that during long Wisconsin winters) and it offers an opportunity for everyone to delve into the act of creating.  This 12th year of the exhibition will not disappoint!  Each year we encourage entries and offer our own take on it using hot glass.  We’ve even donated the ‘golden peep awards’ — made in glass– to the winners of the best in show every year.  This year we went a step further….we created a short video showing the process of making a glass peep.  Edited to just 2 minutes, they take a little longer to make in real time!  You can find these glass replicas, available for purchase, in the Museum Store at RAM.

Enjoy the show!

Click here to see how we make glass PEEPS!

Visit RAM’s website for show details.