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What is Glass Fusing and how does our Glass Fusing Studio Work?

Glass fusing is like creating mosaic:  you to cut & shape beautiful colors of glass to create a design, layering glass on a clear or colored base of glass and then we fire the glass piece in a kiln at about 1400º  to melt –or fuse- together. Our studio requires no experience. We’ll show you how to cut glass and use a few simple tools to create the shape you want, we will show you all the different types of glass to design with and have staff on hand to guide you through your creation when you need help.   Come by yourself or register with a friend….you aren’t locked into a certain project. You like garden art and she wants to make a night light? No problem. You’ll just pay for the project you want to make, prices are all inclusive. If you like bling, we do have some fancy glass that is extra. ; )  Prices range from $15 – $68.  Ages 8+ are welcome (kids will need adult supervision and assistance)

Our Glass Fusing Studio is located in the spacious east room workshop area at Hot Shop Glass.  What was once just equipment and storage has been transformed into a beautiful well stocked glass fusing studio! With lots of samples for inspiration, and Pinterest at our fingertips, we can set you up to have a fabulous creative experience working with glass to make home decor, garden art,  holiday gifts or jewelry.

Gift Certificates for our new studio would make a great gift!

At Hot Shop Glass, the health, safety, and well-being of our guests & staff  has always been & continues to be of the utmost importance to us. Following new guidelines from the CDC and local health officials, un-vaccinated visitors are required to wear masks while in our facility.  For vaccinated guests, masks are optional.  Complimentary masks are available at our entrance.  If you cannot wear a mask and are not vaccinated, please postpone your visit until CDC recommendations change.  Our commitment to the health & safety of our staff & all of our guests is unwavering.

Reservations are now required for our studio so that we can control the numbers in our facility, facilitate physical distancing and allow time between sessions for staff to sanitize tools and work surfaces.  Our Hot Shop is HOT  but it can sometimes be a little chilly for those sitting in the fusing studio.  Bring along a sweatshirt, just in case!

We now have an online registration system, and require a $15 deposit for each person registered.  This deposit will be credited toward the cost of whatever project you choose to make when you come.  Our hope is that a deposit will help to prevent ‘no shows’ — We only have space for 6 (up to 9 depending on distancing needs) people during each session.  No shows or adjustments in the number of people creating will affect our business as we will likely be turning people away for sessions due to increasing interest in this new and fun studio!  Thanks for understanding!  Reserve your spot online or give us a call.

Fusing Studio Hours

Wednesdays    4-6pm  and 6:30-8:30pm

Fridays    1-3pm , 3:30-5:30pm and 6-8pm

Saturdays    10am-noon, 12:30-2:30pm and 3-5pm

Our experience has shown that most guests spend about two hours creating their project.  With that said, some folks know they just take longer to do their creative thing or may choose to do a bigger project (a garden stake) that just takes more time.  If you know that you’ll need more time,  make a reservation for two slots.  There is no cost for the time you are in our studio creating.  You simply pay for the price of project you choose.  Our space is limited, but we can hold unfinished projects for people to come another day to finish.

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