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What is Glass Fusing?

Glass fusing is like creating mosaic:  you to cut & shape beautiful colors of glass to create a design, layering glass on a clear or colored base of glass and then we fire the glass piece in a kiln at about 1400º  to melt –or fuse- together.  It can be taken a step further and ‘slumped’ into a mold to create a more 3 dimensional form, like a dish or tray.

How does our studio work?

Our studio requires no experience. We’ll show you how to cut glass and use a few simple tools to create the shape you want, we will show you all the different types of glass to design with and have staff on hand to guide you through your creation when you need help.   Come by yourself or register with a friend, there is space for 6-8 students in a workshop.

Classes are not project specific: You like garden art and she wants to make a night light? No problem. The process of creating fused glass is the same no matter what you make!  Prices range from $18 – $68.  Ages 8+ are welcome (kids will need adult supervision and assistance)  Please Note:  ALL FUSED GLASS MUST MELT OVERNIGHT IN A KILN AND THUS CANNOT GO HOME WITH YOU THE DAY YOU MAKE IT.  You will be given information about pick up during your class.  Work is generally available one week after your fusing workshop, two weeks if it needs to slump.  Shipping is available.

We require a $15 deposit for each person registered.  This deposit will be credited toward the cost of whatever project you choose to make when you come.

Great Idea for Group Outings!  Girl scouts, civic groups, church and work groups…a creative outing in our fusing studio is perfect for that ‘fun’ meeting!  We have a handful of projects perfect for groups — priced in the $20-$45 range.  Participants can mix and match projects or you can have everyone do the same thing….we are flexible!  The technique is the same, the only difference is the price point.  See below for group project ideas in photos!  On occasion we can schedule a workshop for your group on days our fusing studio isn’t normally open.  Email us or call to discuss.

Fusing Studio Hours

Wednesdays    4-6pm  and 6:30-8:30pm

Fridays    1-3pm , 3:30-5:30pm and 6-8pm

Saturdays    10am-noon, 12:30-2:30pm and 3-5pm

Our experience has shown that most guests spend about two hours creating their project.  With that said, some folks know they just take longer to do their creative thing or may choose to do a bigger project (a garden stake) that just takes more time.  If you know that you’ll need more time,  make a reservation for two slots.  There is no cost for the time you are in our studio creating.  You simply pay for the price of project you choose.

Glass Fusing & Slumping Menu & Pricing



These are great projects for groups looking for a fun outing without too many choices and price points!  Keep in mind that people can create whatever design they want to using their favorite colors….projects show samples and prices for the particular sized project….the sky is the limit in terms of imagery and design!  Pinterest is a great place to get ideas!

Slumped Dish 5″x5″ $45

Holiday Tree approx 9″ in stand $39

4×4 tile (can hang) $25

Night Light  $35


Earrings or Pendant $20