Wedding Glass

A new idea for wedding ceremonies!


Like the lighting of unity candles, or combining colored sand, use glass crystals from our studio in your ceremony. Pour together  these glass crystals to symbolize the joining of lives and families. Return the crystals to us and we will create fabulous keepsakes for the bride & groom, wedding party, parents…you decide!  Please see FAQ below...

Minimum order for Wedding Glass $125.

Vases & bowls: $95 and up

Sculptures: $175-$225

Ornaments: $30-$35

Flowers: $35

Votives & round paperweights: $45

Heart paperweights: $65

Blown glass bowl by Amanda Cosgrove Paffrath Created with glass frit ‘crystals’ in jewel tone colors

Beautiful photos from Amanda Tallman’s wedding, along with the finished pieces of art created from their unity ceremony created by Hot Shop Glass artist Amanda Cosgrove Paffrath.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we go about doing this with Hot Shop Glass?

Call us and make an appointment to meet in person with one of our glass artisans.  In this 15-20 minute meeting we will discuss colors of your choosing (wedding colors, favorite colors, etc…) and send you on your way with chips of colored glass (frit) for your ceremony.  We will show you samples of our work and make note of the pieces you’d like us to create for you.   After your wedding,  just mail or stop in with your glass crystals.  We will confirm the desired pieces you’d like and let you know when they are completed.  Allow 4-6 weeks for completion, depending on our schedule.


What can be created with our wedding glass?

Often couples choose a beautiful display piece for their home — vases and bowls are popular.  Sculptures of solid glass are also a lovely choice for this sentimental creation.  Glass votives, ornaments and flowers are common gifts for parents, bridal parties &/or officiants.


Can we make our own glass art?

Working with hot glass is tricky and takes years of thoughtful practice and study to become skilled.  We are happy to create lovely glass art to incorporate the glass you combined during your ceremony.  Some couples choose to enroll in our Explore Glass Workshop to create their own paperweights or ornaments using their ceremonies glass.  We are happy to accommodate this request as an add on to your order of glass created by our artisans.


How much does this cost?

Some studios offer limited number of choices of pieces at preset prices designed for online customers.  With a studio located between Milwaukee & Chicago, we are happy to work with local couples to create a variety of custom blown and sculptural pieces at price points for a variety of budgets.  Given the planning and design time our artists take, the minimum order is $125.  This might be one small vase or bowl, several ornaments & flowers, or some combination.  Deposit of $125 is due when the colored glass is picked up prior to the ceremony.  Balance is due when the glass crystals are delivered prior to the creation of the pieces ordered.


Can the finished work be shipped?

We prefer not to ship the finished works of art, particularly glass flowers due to their fragility….but if necessary we will.  No guarantees.  Additional fees will apply.